Sunday, January 11, 2009

My new purpose!

Okay, previously, I've used this blog for many different reasons, but now, I feel it should have a new purpose. I want to share my journey as I drop some unwanted, extra pounds, so hopefully, I can help inspire others trying to do the same!
A little background.
January of 2008, I was 240 pounds... I went to the gym, that I already had a membership with, that I was not really using and spoke with the guy in charge of the trainers. I told him, I had previously worked out with a trainer there and it just had not worked for me. I needed a new trainer and I wanted to really do it this time! So he hooked me up with an AWESOME trainer that he felt would be a great fit for me!
I started working out with this guy and in February, he recommended the Body Bugg. I purchased it and I love it! It's a device you wear on your arm that monitors how many calories you are burning throughout the day doing everything! Then you upload the data to your computer via a wireless or USB communicator. You also enter your food from the day into the program and it tells you if you have a deficit. It's great!!
Fast forward through some months of me working out regularly. I decided that I wanted to do the Komen Race for the Cure. I had told my trainer when I first started with him I hated running. I had never really ran much before because I just didn't like it and it was painful, but here I was running laps at the gym during my workouts, so I knew I could do it! Well, the day of the race came, November 1, and my trainer ran with me!! It was incredible! I ran the entire way thanks to his encouragement and my determination and finished the 5 k is around 48 minutes. I was so happy I could cry!! :)
That was my last workout with that trainer though, because he had just accepted a new job. The good news though, was my new trainer is one of his good friends.
So here I am January of 2009, working out with the new trainer for a couple of months now and it's going great still!! I am down to 174 pounds!!! It's incredible!!
Keep an eye out on future posts for details on my workouts and food! :)