Sunday, March 15, 2009


I really should blog more often. Maybe it would help. I'm stuck! With all the stress of work and hubby getting laid off from work, I'm eating and eating lots... I gained a few pounds back and now I'm stuck. I'm keeping up with my workouts. My trainer is awesome! He is really trying to help me stay on track. I just need to get my stress under control! I like to think I take time for myself. I get my workouts in, I read, I play on the computer, I spend time with the dog and hubby, but still I'm stressed. Part of me just keeps thinking maybe I should focus on maintaining weight instead of trying to keep losing it, and the other part of me says, no keep chugging along, I can overcome this! I am going to give it another strict go this week. Going shopping for a few more groceries, the healthy kind to pack for my lunch and snacks this week. Tuesday will be a bit difficult at work, we are having a potluck, but I think I'll let myself pick one thing to splurge on and the rest has to be the healthier options or just a taste. Well, wish me goodluck this week and we'll see if the pounds start dropping again!