Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hubby and I are having a nice low key holiday at home this year.  I already opened one present early - a Nexus 7 tablet.  I love it!!!  I can't wait to see Hubby's face when he opens his gifts tomorrow!  This will be my first Christmas since my dad passed away.  It is difficult but we must go on.  I wish I could spend the holiday  with my mom but I don't have the help at work that I need to take time off.  Well for now I must go see what the dog wants.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

still around

Hi all. I'm still around. It's been kind of crazy. I'm still working without an assistant manager at work, so that typically means 6 days a week, 60+ hours a week. I'm still working out with my training but my weight is holding steady. I fluctuate up a pound or two and back down a pound or two. Back in November, I took a week off to go fly to IL to see my Grandfather for his 80th b-day and then was supposed to spend some time back here in Seattle with my best buddy from Austin. Things didn't quite go as planned. Hubby and I made it back to see my grandfather, as did my mom and dad. Mom and Dad drove from Denver. However, when they got back to IL, Dad got sick and ended up in the hospital. That was Saturday. On Monday dad was still in the hospital but they were hoping to let him out on Tuesday so he and Mom could drive back home. Hubby and I flew back to Seattle as planned on Monday evening, stopping by the VA hospital there in St. Louis to see me Dad before we left. Got home safe and sound. Called mom Tuesday morning, they were letting Dad out and they were going to start the drive back to Denver. 30 minutes later, while they were on the road, Dad had a heart attack. Mom had already pulled over at a gas station, so EMTs arrived and rushed him back to the hospital. He had two more heart attacks at the hospital and were not able to save him. :( This was November 13th. :( I flew back to IL to be with my mom and the rest of our family there. Got to see Dad's brothers and many other family members. Then I helped drive mom back to CO. Her silly dog sat in my lap the entire way! It's been a month now and I still miss dad dearly. It's tough on my occasionally day off because that's usually when Dad and I talked the most. Although I call home usually every evening on my way home from work, Dad usually would let me talk to mom, except when I'd call while she was at work. In other news - hubby and I are officially trying to conceive!! We decided on Thanksgiving it was time! YAY!!