Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh I know...

It's been quite a while since my last post... I don't think I ever got around to sharing the details of my vacation either. So, we spent two weeks visiting The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Starting off flying in to Amsterdam. It was amazing. I did fine on the flight. Carried plenty of water and snacks with me just in case the airplane food did not agree with my band. I also carried GasX. Had no band troubles, but the GasX helps as I get burpy on the plane. Not sure why. In Amsterdam, we ate so many goodies and had a fabulous time. Took some train rides and even rode a boat around the canals. We took tons of pictures, I will share soon. Then, we took an overnight train to Germany - specifically, Munich. I slept on the top bunk! For once, I was not afraid of being too heavy! It was great. Again, carried water and snacks with me. Munich was nice - we just had the day there before taking another train out to Fussen, where we would spend a few nights. Had a YUMMY schnitzel and don't forget the apple strudel, I even had wine with dinner! Lots of sausage too. I stuck with yogurt for breakfast most days. I drank coffee with my meals... I broke all of the "rules!" LOL. We rented bikes and rode them the 3 miles out to the castles - Neuschwanstein Castle and Castle Hohenschwangau. Yes, the Neuschwanstein is the one the Disney castle is based on. GORGEOUS! We also saw the Residenz and the treasury when we were in Munich. Fabulous times! We then took some more trains to Switzerland. Again, so much food - pastries, chocolate, oh my! I even had pasta one night and a calzone. I typically avoid bread, pasta and rice. It's hard when in a foreign country to avoid those items some times. I did have a few times that the bread didn't agree with me, but no real stuck issues. I however, was not eating protein first and by the end of the two weeks I was feeling a little week. Starting drinking chocolate milk and that helped some.
When we got home, I ended up being very very sick.... I think I caught the stomach flu and it had me seriously worried about my band, but my surgeon says all is well since I recovered and have not had any issues.
I then was only home one week before catching another plane for a work trip. Again, the flight gave me no trouble. First couple of nights I hung out in the hotel room, however, by the last two nights I decided to go out and have fun and man did I let loose! For the first time in my life, I felt free and beautiful. Yes I'm married and no husband was not with me... I had guys at the bar actually paying attention to me, flirting with me, and buying me drinks... I've always been a no more than two drinks girl and then after having lap band, I hardly drink. A glass of wine and I can feel it... Let's just say I had a few too many drinks... First night I went out it was only 2 Vodka cranberries and a shot - I could walk back to the hotel, but the room spun went I went to lay down.. Oooopps. I woke up for class the next morning okay though. However, the next night was not as pretty... 1 key west cosmo, 3 vodka cranberry, and 2 washington apple shots... Okay, I admit, I went overboard... It was fun though - I did manage to break my glass and never finished that 3rd vodka cranberry... I had trouble walking. Woke up okay the next morning at least. For some reason though, those two nights were such an out of the ordinary event for me and I came home feeling great. In the week I've been home, people have commented on how happier I am, how I'm more relaxed and CONFIDENT!! Go figure! So then I went out and highlighted my hair! haha

Hubby and I went car shopping on Saturday and bought a new 2012 VW Golf TDI. I love it!!

Today I went and got fitted for bras and gave Victoria's Secret way too much money but got some bras that make me feel sexy and actually fit!!

Wednesday I go see my surgeon for an adjustment. Although I ate whatever I wanted on vacation I managed to drop more weight but as soon as I came home I found myself getting hungry every two hours and the weight yo-yoing.  Some pictures for your entertainment.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Wearing jeans on the airplane and being comfortable! Flying to Ohio for work.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post vacation weigh in

Still recovering from the two weeks in Europe. We had a blast!!! Got back in town yesterday. The morning that we left my scale said 160. This morning, 156! Yahoo!! I will say that we had a great time, but my poor band needs a rest. I subjected it to foods I have not eaten since I was banded, not to mention drinking liquids too close to eating. I did well though, no sickness, major tightening or stuck episodes. We visited the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. I'll post more about our trip soon!