Monday, January 4, 2010

workouts and milkshakes..

Had a fantastic workout today! Then took the dog to the vet. She's been sick. :( Then hubby invited me to his work to have lunch with him. YUM!!! but I had a milkshake that I totally did not need... Oh well, tomorrow is a new day! Looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

tea, honey,happiness

So what a day! Slept in this morning and I feel pretty good. Had raspberry apple turnover from trader joes. Delicious!! They are not too sweet but yummy!! Hubby and I have these every weekend as our treat! Had a great smoothie with it! Then we cleaned house soome. I ate some string cheese and a mandarin as a snack and then we headed out to St. Edwards Park for a nice hike with the dog! On the way home, we stopped for lunch at our favorite greek place. I had a yummy beef slouvaki. Delish!!!!

after that, I was hungry the rest of the day.... argh! Drank some kefir and had a couple of mandarins. While I was cooking dinner, had a slice of toast with some butter. bad I know, but sooo good! Fixed ham and mashed taters for dinner with some green peas. then I finished my day with some hot chocolate as a treat and a cup of hot tea.

I am feeling good, tomorrow I'll be up early to have some oatmeal and go workout!! Then I am off for the day! Yay!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, it's 2010!! This will be a good year. 2009 was interesting! I had some successes and some difficulties. I am ready to keep up the hard work and get on the right path again!! My working out is good. It is my eating that is bad, so that it where I must improve!! Hubby and I will continue weekly date night. I can splurge and enjoy myself on that night. We are going to buy one treat a week and that's it. So one yummy treat from Trader Joe's. It might be a one night thing or a 2 night, but whatever, it is my treat that i will make room for. Other than that, I will start eating better!!!!