Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still alive

I'm still here and still at 200lbs.... The scale is not moving. I know it is well past time for fill #2. Thank goodness it is Tuesday!! Yay!!
Worked an extra day at a different branch this week so I ended up with 6 days of work. Ugh! only day off is tomorrow. We also still have not heard anything on the house we put in an offer on. All I can think is good things come to those who wait. Hopefully we get the house, it's awesome!! My eating has been okay, but not great. I did get 5 workouts in this week though! Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were strength training with my trainer, she's awesome! Tuesday I jogged on the treadmill and Friday was Spin!! Once I hit 180 lbs (an equivalent loss of the weight of my dog about 60 lbs!) hubby says I can buy cycling shoes for spin class if I would like!!! Exciting! I'm also finding all kinds of my clothes are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big now and pulling out the smaller items from the closet is showing me they fit now!! Woohooo!! Soon I will need to go shopping for stuff that fits again!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, I know this happens, but still it is frustrating! I've lost 1 pound in the las 2 weeks. Goodthing I have a fill scheduled for May 2nd, but still, it's hard to wait that long.
In other news, we put an offer in on a house! They have multiple offers, so fingers crossed we get good news today or tomorrow!!
Saturday hubby and I headed out of town for the night to go check out the Tulip Festival! So pretty!! It was my first overnight trip somewhere since surgery. I packed like 4 water bottles and some Peanut Butter and graham crackers just in case, but had no issues finding good food. We had dinner at Outback Steakhouse and they let me order of the kid's menu, so I had the kid's grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. I couldn't even eat it all. In the morning we had the hotel breakfast - they have cheese omelets, so I had that with half a slice of wheat toast. Then we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant - we ordered a chicken quesadilla with rice and beans on the side. I ate 1 slice of the quesadilla and the beans. The only bad part was the chips and salsa... I was mindlessly eating those. Ugh!!! I should know better!
So last week I did my 3 strength training sessions with the trainer, plus spin class. The goal this week is my 3 sessions with the trainer, 1 day of running, and 1 spin class. I can do it, I did it the week before last, so I can do it again even though right this minute I would rather still be sleeping......

Friday, April 15, 2011

still here

Sorry all that I have not blogged much lately. Its been super busy this week. I have the weekend off though so I'll be able yo blog and catch up on everyone's also. Off to spin class in a few!
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Friday, April 8, 2011

A day in my life...

Well, I like to follow the leader too, so I'll post what my typical day looks like. I'll admit though that I'm still trying very hard to get my vitamins in regularly.

Breakfast - 1 hardboiled egg and 1/2 bananna.
snack - chobani champions yogurt (yes. this is the kids one!)
lunch - 2 oz ground beef, 1/4 c refried beans
snack - 1/4 c cottage cheese, 1/4 c diced pears
dinner - 1/2 c beef stew or 2 oz chicken with 1/4 c potatoes and a couple bites veggies.

Lots of water and the occasional glass of apple juice or a nonfat latte.

Remember, I am only 2 months out from surgery and have not yet tried rice, pasta, or breads!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's my day off!!

As much as I love my days off, I sometimes hate them too. Why? Because I'm hungry! LOL I don't get that hungry at work because I'm busy and such, but at home, having a nice relaxing day, all I can think about is the food in the house! So not fair really. I slept in this morning, yay! Then I went to work out with my trainer. She kicked my butt, but it was a great legs workout! GO me! Then tomorrow we'll meet again and then on Friday she's doing a spin class with me! I love it, she is awesome and encouraging!!! What else today though. I've been playing on my Wii. My Glee Karaoke 2 came in last night and I've been singing today! I love it. Then I gotta go get hubby from work and drop him off at his doctor's appointment, then come back this way to take the dog to the vet for her shots, then go back pick up hubby and drop him back at work, drop the dog at home and go meet up with the real estate agent. Busy day, maybe by then I'll stop being hungry, but sitting around singing and playing on the computer, I'm starving! ugh! It's almost lunch time!! yay!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whhhew what a day!

Today was a long day.  Hubby and I got up and I made a delish frittata for breakfast - shallots,mushrooms, and canadian bacon!   I ate a small slice and had some diced peaches.  Hubby had pancakes and then off to starbucks to meet the real estate agent.  I had a tea latte.   We drove around and saw a few houses, stopped for a bathroom break and I grabbed a banana.  We looked at some more houses and then headed home to pick u the dog and take her to the park.  After that we ran to the store to grab groceries and I realized I had not had any protein at my snack earlier.  I was starting to feel hungry but couldn't think of what to get so I grabbed a low fat chocolate milk. yum!!   Came home to unload groceries and wash the laundry and the dog! LOL  Now waiting for dinner, but I've realized I have not really ate much today.   I feel okay, but honestly, I am sure my body would be happier with more food. oh well, dinner will be nice and tomorrow I have my meals all planned out again!  yay!!!  


After sitting at 205 for the entire week, WTH?  I'm at 203 this morning!  I'll take it!