Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still alive

I'm still here and still at 200lbs.... The scale is not moving. I know it is well past time for fill #2. Thank goodness it is Tuesday!! Yay!!
Worked an extra day at a different branch this week so I ended up with 6 days of work. Ugh! only day off is tomorrow. We also still have not heard anything on the house we put in an offer on. All I can think is good things come to those who wait. Hopefully we get the house, it's awesome!! My eating has been okay, but not great. I did get 5 workouts in this week though! Monday, Wednesday and Thursday were strength training with my trainer, she's awesome! Tuesday I jogged on the treadmill and Friday was Spin!! Once I hit 180 lbs (an equivalent loss of the weight of my dog about 60 lbs!) hubby says I can buy cycling shoes for spin class if I would like!!! Exciting! I'm also finding all kinds of my clothes are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big now and pulling out the smaller items from the closet is showing me they fit now!! Woohooo!! Soon I will need to go shopping for stuff that fits again!

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