Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fage, Measurements, and Motivation

Yum!!! I'm eating my post-workout snack as I write and I just have to share how much I love it! Fage. It's greek yogurt! It's delish!! It's so thick and rich tasting I feel like I'm splurging and sure it's a bit of a splurge for a snack as 250 calories, but it's so yummy and has lots of protein! I only eat it once or twice a week, but it's worth every bite!!
Today my trainer did measurements! I was looking forward to them this time! The past couple of time, I didn't want to take measurements, but today was different. Boy am I happy! I had a 9 lb loss since our last measurement a month ago! I lost a couple of lbs of body fat so that's also really good! Sadly, I lost a lb of muscle too, but that's okay. I'll work on getting that back! A few of my measurements went up a little.. Chest was one of them. Maybe I have more muscle there now, who knows, but I'm not too worried, the important things went down - weight and body fat.
I'm still totally motivated from the 5k! I just can't believe how good I did - my goal was 40 minutes or less and I finished in it 33 minutes, 45 seconds, it's just amazing! I can't wait to figure out which 5k to do next! I have such a high from the running, it's great. Even at work yesterday everyone noticed the great mood I was in and how great I looked!
Today during my measurments, I took a before picture with me to give to my trainer, and omg. I look like a different person! It really feels great to be where I am right now and to be chugging along towards my next goal.
This week, I have two tempations - happy hour with coworkers on Thursday and a baseball game with some friends on Satuday! Wish me luck. One of those days will be my cheat meal, I just have to figure out which one.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Will post more when I get the chance, but I ran my 5k race yesterday and I finished in 33 minutes, 45 seconds! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goal was 40 minutes or less!