Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bike good. Cookies bad...

Okay, so got back on my bike today! The rain this week finally seemed to have stopped. Yay! Had a great ride to work and home. Worked out at the gym for a bit today. My calorie burn for the day is great! But... I caved at work. First we had Rudy's BBQ catered for lunch. Yum! I actually do okay on portions with that and ate my fruit that I packed, so that wasn't too bad. Until of course, one of our customers brought fresh baked cookies..... Started out with good intentions. I split a cookie with another health conscious coworker. That would have been fine, but then I went and had another one anyway. Don't know why for sure, I guess it was just them being there and I felt crappy today. Oh well. You live you learn. I can still be good the rest of the day and not ruin it! Dinner is roast and potatoes. Yum!!
So I feel crappy because my wrist hurts. I have no clue why but it hurts. I just want to cry any time I try to pick any thing up. Which sucks, cause carrying my bike up and down the 3 flights of stairs was not fun. If it doesn't get better soon I see a trip to the doctor in my future.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Monday

Well, this weekend was alright. Saturday I woke up and when I weighed myself, the scale said 174! Yay!!! That made me happy! I'm afraid to step back on the scale now though! I didn't do as good this weekend as I know I should have and of course, it's that time of the month. I wasn't expecting that for another 3 weeks, but it's early. I'm on Seasonale, so it's nice to only have to deal with that once every 3 months, but it always seems my body can't wait the full 3 months and sometime during the last month I start before I'm expecting it. Oh well! I'll give it a few days of being good and then I will get back on the scale.
I think next week my trainer will want to do measurements since it's the 1st of the month. I'm looking forward to it!
Today I'm going to ride my bike up to the gym in a bit for a workout and then head over to work. I get off early today, so that'll be nice to come home and relax a bit before hubby gets home. I have to keep my fingers crossed though that it doesn't rain until later. I really don't want to get rained on while I'm out on my bike.
Next weekend I'm running a 5k with hubby. We were going to do a practice run yesterday, but silly him played with my Wii Fit for 2 hours Saturday night and he said his legs were sore. So, we went for a nice long walk with the dog instead of running. Worked out just as well I guess!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ugh! I have been hungry all day!! I woke up early, since I had to open at work today. I had my normal breakfast, just much much earlier than normal. Rode my bike to work. Had a snack, earlier than I would normally, to make up for the early breakfast. Lunch of course was earlier too. About an hour after lunch, during the time I would normally eat my lunch, I was hungry! UGH! I tried drinking water. I tried doing other stuff at work to take my mind off of it, nope, still hungry. So I gave it and ate half of my afternoon snack. I wanted to save the other half until a little closer to my workout so I wouldn't be hungry while I was working out. That seemed to help and then I had some protein when I got home from working out, but goodness, days like this make it so hard! I'm still within my calorie range, but I'm still hungry.. ugh! Tomorrow my trainer wants to me rest, so I might even take the car to work instead of riding. My knees are starting to hurt a little. We'll see though, if hubby needs the car, then I'll ride my bike.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


UGH!! Allergies... I woke up this morning with itchy eyes and a runny nose. I dug out my allergy meds and used some, but still. I hate when my allergies start to bug me. I really should go get allergy testing done, but I just can't justify it right now with hubby having just started the new job and finances still being a little off from him being out of work for that time period. Oh well!
Rode my bike to the gym. I had an awesome workout! My trainer challenged me to run 3 laps in under 2 minutes 30 seconds. Haha I made it back at 2 minutes 29 seconds! Talk about close! We did some more weights and then he made me run 3 more laps and told me I had to beat my previous time! Yikes! But I did it! I ran the 3 laps in 2 minutes 21 seconds! I was tired, but I felt good. I thought I ran as fast as I could the first 3, but then I still had more in me! It's a great feeling!
Rode my bike home after all that and took the dog for a walk. Now I'm as tired as the dog is! Next for my day is to ride to work. After work and dinner tonight, I'll get to rest some and watch a movie with hubby or curl up with my book. I'm reading Blue Moon right now by Laurell Hamilton. It's part of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I am loving this series!! Ok, okay, I've been on a vampire kick lately. All the books I've been reading have had to do with vampires, but hey, it's my release from reality. It's my chance to curl up with a good book and relax, so if it makes me happy, then I go for it!
Well, hopefully tomorrow I can post a good news that I've lost some weight, but when I weighed myself today, I was holding steady. Makes sense though. I've been under on my calories the past few days, but I always seem to drop at the end of the week. Go figure!
Catch ya later!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I always seem to find motivation in the strangest ways! Hubby buying me a new bike has given me such a new sense of what I need to be doing and the strength to do it! It motivates me know I get to ride my cool new bike and that the more weight I lose, the easier it is! Not to mention, the game I've been wanting for my Wii, Mario Kart, I can buy when I hit 170! super excited!!
So today I slept in a little. I have the day off. When I finally got up, I took the dog out for a walk, and then hopped on my bike to go to the gym to work out with my trainer! As usual my "torture" sessions are awesome!! We focused on core, legs, and shoulders today. We are doing 3 days in a row this week, thanks to my work schedule. It'll be good though!
I have all my food planned out. Breakfast was Cheerios, milk, apple juice and a banana. My post workout snack - muscle milk protein shake. Lunch is a lean cuisine and some strawberries. Afternoon snack - most likely a 100cal pack of popcorn - been craving it! Dinner - hubby grilled burgers, so it's leftovers. they are 90-10, so nice and lean and we'll have a salad. That should put me at my calories for the day, maybe a little under. I have a few back up snacks if I am still hungr - string cheese, carrots, a granola bar or maybe a treat - hubby bought some cranberry walnut cookies. :) But I have to be good if I want a treat!
After my workout, I swung by the grocery store for some more strawberries and then rode my bike to the vet to pick up some meds for Tippie. It was out of the way, but hey that's extra cardio! :)
I'm feeling good.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am making success again! Down to 176 after a short period of hitting 180 again and being stuck there. That sucked! Hubby went out though and bought me a new bike! It's great!! I'm riding it the 4+ miles to the gym in the mornings, working out and then finishing the ride to work. In the evenings of course, I ride it home. What a great addition to my workout! I'm hitting 1000 calorie deficit days easy.
This morning, we went jogging. We did a 5k around town lake! I love it!! The first weekend in May I'm planning to run the Schlotsky's Bun Run! Yay!! It'll be my second race. The first one having been the Komen Race for the Cure. I'm excited.
Not to mention, I've been using Arbonne products for ages now and not really doing the business, but mainly signed up as a consultant for the discount. I am thinking about actually doing the business though! Yay!! so if you are interested in hearing about the products, let me know! :)