Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks all for the congratulations and warm wishes! This is such an exciting time. I had today off and have been working hard on organizing for the upcoming visit from the in-laws. I managed to reorganize the kitchen pantry, my bathroom, and the hallway linen closet! I'm feeling productive. I also went and got my haircut and did the dishes. Now I just have to start in on my makeup and getting it reorganized and my craft room, which will soon be the baby's room.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Exciting news

So I know I have not posted in long time. I've been around and am doing okay. It had been a crazy time at work, but that is all under control now and I'm getting ready for a vacation in June! Yay!! At the end of January, I went in and had a teensy tiny fill as I was getting hungry all the time. This adjustment was helping control my urges more than I could on my own, so I was happy. Fast forward a few weeks, suddenly I'm nauseous all day long every day. I know it's not my band, as I found out hubby and I are expecting our FIRST baby! SO EXCITED!!!! I ended up making an appointment with my lap band doc to have like half of my fluid removed, hoping it would ease the nausea a little, nooo, they took ALL of my fluid out and it didn't help ease the morning sickness at all. I also noticed after having the fluid out, I started getting heartburn again. I had not had heart burn since having the band put in, so that was a shocker to me. Oh well, it's all worth it for the baby! I'm not 15 weeks 4 days. Yes I've gained some weight, that's to be expected. I'm at 185 now. Not too bad. I'm due in November, so just in time for the holidays!