Monday, October 17, 2011


Wow band is not being friendly today. I can eat but definitely can tell the restriction.  My yogurt made me uncomfortable this morning and now my salad... :( random tightness.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday weigh in

Official weigh in is 171!
Bought a SMALL from lands end! still mostly a medium girl, but thats okay! and a size 12 pants! woohoo!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well my first week at my new branch and in training have been great. my two days of fluids for my fill were a little tough, but hey they always are it seems. Back on foods - the first day I had my pumpkin yogurt for breakfast, a protein shake after working out, a latte, and then for lunch I stopped by taco time for a small cup of chicken chilli... I could barely eat it... I also caved an got some of their tater tots. Yup, I ate TWO tots and a couple of spoons of chili and was STUFFED. I had some more protein in the afternoon to supplement not eating as much and for dinner I made a pot of yummy beef and pork chili. Ummm. I thought I grabbed two cans of kidney beans but no, I didn't discover it until I dumped the black beans in that I was wrong! hahaha oh well, it turned out good anyway.
Today I had my pumpkin yogurt again, a chai tea latte, 4 flatbread crackers with 2 oz roasted chicken (deli) and some cream cheese, and jimmy johns unwich. Dinner will be more chili. the 4 flatbread crackers and meat stuffed me as did the jimmy johns, I'm kind of surprised I was able to eat it. I think this level of restriction feels okay so far. We'll see how it does as I move back to chicken and steak and such.

My back has been hurting pretty bad so my working out is a little off, but I'm hoping it's better after the weekend. Hubby wanted me to go hiking with him and the dog but my back hurts to much so I decided to stay home and rest and work on balancing the bank accounts. go figure, that's why I'm blogging instead! LOL

So the scale this morning (After breakfast) was 171. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day so I'm excited to see where I am!! I told hubby I want to go shopping this weekend!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another adjustment

Went in to see my doc since I've been getting hungry every 2 hours and eating crazy amounts of food! LOL it's not been too bad - i am down 4 pounds since my last visit a mere 4 weeks ago. That's good, she was very very happy with my progress. They gave me a .5 cc fill since the last one was only .25 and did nothing for me. we'll see how this one goes. i'm still sore my from workout yesterday with my trainer but tomorrow is a new day. Fluids today and tomorrow and then looking forward to the pot of chili I'll make on Friday. that seems to be my new tradition. I make a pot of chili after I have an adjustment. Go figure. I guess it's my comfort food that I know won't give me troubles. Well, hope everyone is doing well!