Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1 year follow up and adjustment

What an exciting day! I went to see my surgeon's office today for my one year follow up - my official one year is February 9th. I am proud to announce according to my BMI I am no longer obese! My BMI is now at 29.2 --- does happy dance!! Also, my body fat % is just above the desirable range, so almost there. Doc says body fat % should be 21-33% and I am at 33.7%. My official weigh in there is 162 - which is only slightly higher than my 160 on my home scale. My BMR is at 1528 calories - no wonder it's getting harder to drop the pounds! Oh well, awareness is important. They were telling me today they are VERY happy with my progress and I'm a "gold star" patient. I even got stars on my handout they gave me as I was leaving! They calculated for me that over the last year I have lost 70% of my excess body fat! Holy cow Batman! So, I'm feeling pretty good today. We did a .25 cc fill. She gave me the option of .25 or .5 with the consideration that I was starting at 7.25 ccs in my 11 cc band and they have found most patients start to feel too tight at 8 ccs. I opted for the .25 to be cautious knowing that if it is not enough I can always go back in to have more added in 4 weeks - easier than having to have it removed. So now I'm on my 48 hours of fluids and got my oil changed on my car and am back home hanging out with the dog! She's wanting to go out and play so bad but with her injured paw she can't. at least I know her pain is improving since she's up and moving more. ** oh and I forgot to add my lady did my adjustment this time without xray!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New low and new med

Woo hoo!! I hit 160. That's a new low for me. Been struggling all month with the scale and this makes me happy!! It's my goal for January and I hit it.
Has a stressful week and didn't get all my workouts in but tomorrow starts a new week and I feel better. Ready to get moving again at the gym.
Eating has been okay but not great.  I'm hungry every two hours and portion control slips easily but I am seeing my doc on Tuesday so I think an adjustment is in my future - already got my liquids for Tuesday and Wednesday. 
I also started a new birth control medicine today. I've been taking a pill but some days I struggle with swallowing it and it doesn't seem to regulate my cycle as well as it should so my doc said I could try the patch. I'm a bit worried it will come off but we shall see. Also worried that it says I will absorb more estrogen than on the pill which increases risk of suddenly effects but if I don't like it I can try something else .
Well I'm out for now - more laundry and playing on the Wii with hubby.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snow day

We've been having some crazy weather here in Seattle. Thank goodness I was off work Monday as I could not get my car up the hill. Finally got it up and left it parked on the street at the top of the hill so I could get to work on Tuesday. Had a fabulous day at work and was looking for to my day off today - had my annual physical and check up with my primary care. Well, the weather is AWFUL so the doctor's office closed for the day and this cancelled my appointment, it's okay though, I'd rather everyone be safe. My work however is open and my assistant is by her self with just one other person there as everyone else called in. :( I feel like I should go in but at this point, it's just silly for me to be out on the roads. Supposed to have a big important meeting tomorrow, but due to the weather they decided today to go ahead and cancel, which is good, I'll just show up to the office instead. Plus, I won't have to be up as early so I can let things thaw a little hopefully. I think today is the last of the snowy weather. I hope.. Hubby and I went to the gym together to work out today though. He really was getting irritated being in the house and he needed some activity. The roads were bad and seemed to be getting worse. When we left this morning I had 5.5 inches of snow, after working out we have almost 7. it's crazy. it felt good though to get some running in! I have not worked out much this week but i have been logging my food, so that's a plus. I'm finding though that I can eat pretty much anything. Not good. It's time I think for an adjustment. Well, I'm out of here for now.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting back on track

Recovering from the holidays has not been easy. Too easy has it been for me to eat JUNK.... For lunch yesterday I ate string bean chicken from panda express, with an egg roll..... Not too bad in and of itself, but I could not leave well enough alone and for an afternoon snack I had a crispy beef burrito from taco time... Ummm. what the heck was I thinking? I mean honestly, this kind of food does not have a place in my daily diet. once in a while it is okay, but not every day every meal. Any way I start at my new office Tuesday so I am going shopping for a new suit jacket and groceries that will help me start my new meal plan so that I can make Tuesday a fresh start. I really want to spend the next couple of weeks paying attention to my body so when I go see my surgeon on the 31st for my one year follow up I can make a more informed decision on if I need an adjustment or not. Saw my sleep doctor this last week and he is going to have me do an at home study to see if I'm still having apnea episodes since I stopped sleeping with my CPAP right after surgery. HE wants to retest me in the clinical setting when I reach my goal weight. So that's cool. This week I go see my primary care also and we'll do all my labs to see how I'm doing with that. I think she'll be impressed with my weight loss too! Ummm I just looked outside and it's snowing! WOW... that's ... just ... great... Ahhh in other news, even with me eating crap lately the scale has started moving down again, so I'm happy that I can at least control my portions still and calories. well this post was all over the place! oh well :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday party

We finally had our holiday party for work. It was fabulous.  That's a size 12 dress I am wearing. Its a little loose but a 10 would have been too snug I think. And those are my very first pair of knee high boots!! I'm in love with dressing up now. I even told hubby we need to go to the comedy club or a nice dinner soon so I can wear this outfit again.

*Thanks all for the comments on this post and the previous one! I can't figure out how to flip the picture around! :(

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Wrap up and a start to 2012

Well, I know I only post every couple of weeks, I'm sorry! Life just gets crazy! So let's see. 2011 was a fabulous year. I had my surgery and lost 80 lbs! I'm quite happy with that so far! My husband and I bought our first house; super exciting! I got my promotion to Branch manager, well, I'm in the training program but not in my own branch yet, that happens in early 2012. Super exciting times! I also ran a 5k, which I have done a few in the past but it had been a couple of years since I had done one, so that's another exciting moment. 2102 is here now. I'm excited and ready! I'll get my own branch to manage. My one year follow up with my surgeon is quickly approaching! I plan on participating in the Danskin Triathlon in Seattle! WOO HOO!! 2012 will be a great year. My personal trainer and I decided that since I've been stuck for December hovering at 162 lbs, that here in January I need to do something to get back on track so I told her I'll log my food again Monday-Friday. Weekends are not usually the problem for me so I don't have to log on those days, but it is still something I should strive to do. Also, in January we will continue working on improving my running skills. I also need to get a Triathlon training plan figured out. The Tri is in August, right before my birthday, so this will be my birthday present to myself!! Most of the plans I've found so far are 8 week plans, ummm... Hello. That's short... My trainer and I are thinking more like 12 - 15 weeks. We'll see. If anyone knows any good triathlon training books leave me a comment, please!!!!! :) I'm open for suggestions! In other news --- I've been on vacation for a few days and last Thursday hubby and I took Tippie (our dog) to go hiking at St. Ed's, a state park we frequent because it's so close to home. So we were on our normal hike, this is about an hour hike. Tippie was holding up the back of the line, she was just leisurely walking sniffing things and eating blades of grass. Hubby commented on why is Tippie at the back of the line. Normally it's Tippie up front running ahead of us (we let her off leash out there) with hubby in the middle and me in the back. I've gotten to where I can keep up with hubby though, so that's nice, but still I usually hike a little slower than him, his legs are longer, so I have to work twice as hard to keep up and if he's walking fast to get a good workout in, then I'm really struggling, anyway though, back to the point. Tippie was walking behind us, but we didn't figure anything was wrong, we just thought she was tired because she was carrying her backpack which we put weights in to increase her workload. Tippie is one of those dogs that has a crap load of energy and needs a way to burn it off. We've trained her with a weighted backpack from a very young age. It's not a lot of weight, but just enough. So other than walking slow she was not limping or whimpering or anything else strange. Get to the car, let her in the back seat and reach around to take off her backpack and noticed she was bleeding. Yikes!! She wouldn't let us near her paws and of course, this is Seattle, it's rainy, therefore muddy, so couldn't clearly see her paws either as they were covered in mud. Couldn't figure out exactly what happened so we started driving to the vet's office and called them on the way to give them the heads up. Got there and I'm glad we went straight there cause her left rear claw was wiggling! It was loose. Yikes. The Vet squeezed us in for an exam between patients and said yes the claw was loose and he would need to sedate Tippie and remove it. We would need to leave her there as he was not sure when they would be able to work her in as he had appointments all afternoon, but assured us he would get her taken care of. By this time their floor was an absolute mess, I always feel bad, even though they assured me they would clean it, it happens all the time. We he got ready to walk her back to the room to sedate her so we could leave an when he put the leash on she wouldn't move... We looked down and there was the loose claw hanging out on the floor... Ruh-roh, it fell out. Doc said it was probably less painful for her that it came out on it's own, they would instead just go in and make sure it all came out and no pieces were left behind and clean it up, bandage her and call us when she was ready. Well, I take her back tomorrow to have the bandage removed and make sure it is healing okay, but woke up with morning to find the bandage had slipped almost all the way off... Great.... Called urgent care vet and they said if I brought her in it would be a full re-exam fee not just a bandage. They also said if it's not bleeding and doesn't look infected since I have an appointment for her regular vet tomorrow she might be okay with out the bandage so long as she doesn't lick at it or chew on it. Ugh! For now she's wearing a sock! hahaha i think I'll swing by the pet store and buy some of those booties, her vet was mentioning those are good during the healing process for her anyway. Oh well, right now she's sleeping on her chair peacefully so we'll see.