Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1 year follow up and adjustment

What an exciting day! I went to see my surgeon's office today for my one year follow up - my official one year is February 9th. I am proud to announce according to my BMI I am no longer obese! My BMI is now at 29.2 --- does happy dance!! Also, my body fat % is just above the desirable range, so almost there. Doc says body fat % should be 21-33% and I am at 33.7%. My official weigh in there is 162 - which is only slightly higher than my 160 on my home scale. My BMR is at 1528 calories - no wonder it's getting harder to drop the pounds! Oh well, awareness is important. They were telling me today they are VERY happy with my progress and I'm a "gold star" patient. I even got stars on my handout they gave me as I was leaving! They calculated for me that over the last year I have lost 70% of my excess body fat! Holy cow Batman! So, I'm feeling pretty good today. We did a .25 cc fill. She gave me the option of .25 or .5 with the consideration that I was starting at 7.25 ccs in my 11 cc band and they have found most patients start to feel too tight at 8 ccs. I opted for the .25 to be cautious knowing that if it is not enough I can always go back in to have more added in 4 weeks - easier than having to have it removed. So now I'm on my 48 hours of fluids and got my oil changed on my car and am back home hanging out with the dog! She's wanting to go out and play so bad but with her injured paw she can't. at least I know her pain is improving since she's up and moving more. ** oh and I forgot to add my lady did my adjustment this time without xray!


FitBy40 said...

That is awesome news all around! Congrats to you.
It's amazing to me how different people are with the band. I only have 4CC in my band, and when I was at 5 I couldn't eat anything solid at all! It was crazy. I can't imagine having 7.
Best of luck with the fill!

Tara Sedov said...

I'm with you, it is amazing how different the band is for each person!