Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snow day

We've been having some crazy weather here in Seattle. Thank goodness I was off work Monday as I could not get my car up the hill. Finally got it up and left it parked on the street at the top of the hill so I could get to work on Tuesday. Had a fabulous day at work and was looking for to my day off today - had my annual physical and check up with my primary care. Well, the weather is AWFUL so the doctor's office closed for the day and this cancelled my appointment, it's okay though, I'd rather everyone be safe. My work however is open and my assistant is by her self with just one other person there as everyone else called in. :( I feel like I should go in but at this point, it's just silly for me to be out on the roads. Supposed to have a big important meeting tomorrow, but due to the weather they decided today to go ahead and cancel, which is good, I'll just show up to the office instead. Plus, I won't have to be up as early so I can let things thaw a little hopefully. I think today is the last of the snowy weather. I hope.. Hubby and I went to the gym together to work out today though. He really was getting irritated being in the house and he needed some activity. The roads were bad and seemed to be getting worse. When we left this morning I had 5.5 inches of snow, after working out we have almost 7. it's crazy. it felt good though to get some running in! I have not worked out much this week but i have been logging my food, so that's a plus. I'm finding though that I can eat pretty much anything. Not good. It's time I think for an adjustment. Well, I'm out of here for now.


FitBy40 said...

That's a little out of the norm for Seattle isn't it? I know I always loved that you guys didn't seem to get the weather extremes that the rest of us get.
Stay warm!

Tara Sedov said...

Yes yes it is a bit out of the norm for Seattle, but for a few days it was nice, now I'm just tired! LOL :)