Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting back on track

Recovering from the holidays has not been easy. Too easy has it been for me to eat JUNK.... For lunch yesterday I ate string bean chicken from panda express, with an egg roll..... Not too bad in and of itself, but I could not leave well enough alone and for an afternoon snack I had a crispy beef burrito from taco time... Ummm. what the heck was I thinking? I mean honestly, this kind of food does not have a place in my daily diet. once in a while it is okay, but not every day every meal. Any way I start at my new office Tuesday so I am going shopping for a new suit jacket and groceries that will help me start my new meal plan so that I can make Tuesday a fresh start. I really want to spend the next couple of weeks paying attention to my body so when I go see my surgeon on the 31st for my one year follow up I can make a more informed decision on if I need an adjustment or not. Saw my sleep doctor this last week and he is going to have me do an at home study to see if I'm still having apnea episodes since I stopped sleeping with my CPAP right after surgery. HE wants to retest me in the clinical setting when I reach my goal weight. So that's cool. This week I go see my primary care also and we'll do all my labs to see how I'm doing with that. I think she'll be impressed with my weight loss too! Ummm I just looked outside and it's snowing! WOW... that's ... just ... great... Ahhh in other news, even with me eating crap lately the scale has started moving down again, so I'm happy that I can at least control my portions still and calories. well this post was all over the place! oh well :)

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