Monday, February 27, 2012

Size eight

Yes I'm rocking my size eight pants today! I'm struggling with the scale moving down in the last month but at the same time who cares? I can west smaller pants than I could a month ago so something is working!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bullet point day

* dad has surgery to replace his battery in his pacemaker and the lead to his heart - went well but they are keeping him overnight for monitoring. 
* I graduated my training program at work!  So excited!
* I put on a size 8 pair of pants and they fit!! (When I buy my work pants I always buy my current size and the next smaller size in the same style/brand)
*great workout with trainer - love doing pull ups with the giant rubber band thing!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice Skating

It truly is amazing how I've changed. It was my day off today and I was not feeling like doing anything. I was debating whether I even wanted to go to the gym! I woke up and started playing on the computer and hubby heading off to catch the bus to work - yes I could have offered to give him a ride but I was being lazy and I think I'm allowed to sometimes! SO about 15 minutes later the doorbell rings- hubby forgot his wallet - which means he forgot his bus pass. Go figure. There goes me being lazy so I throw some clothes on and run him to work and stop at the store to pick up a few things for dinner and he wanted am item from the french bakery for dessert so I stopped in there too. I got two desserts figuring we could share one but in a moment of laziness and old ways I sat on the couch after taking a bubble bath and proceeded to each my slice of tiramisu cake and debate whether I wanted to work out. My friend sent me a text saying that she heard I had the day off and did I want to go Ice skating. I've never been, so this sounded slightly scary to me. There I am on the couch with my tiramisu and thinking I just want to stay home and cuddle up and not do anything then I realize, hello, I've lost 80 something lbs by getting off my butt and doing something about it, so I should just sit around all day. I agreed to meet my friend and you know what, I LOVED IT!! In the past, I would have made some excuse not to go and would have stayed home but no, I'm different now and this sounded like fun and it really was! I'm sure my legs and butt will hurt and thank me tomorrow! hahahahaha :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday sunday sunday

Happy Sunday night! My last post was a random jumble of thoughts hidden within one paragraph. I was posting from my cell phone that day, so sorry if it was hard to follow! So, yesterday I went and re-timed my one mile run and this time I accomplished it in 11 minutes and 27 seconds!! Woo hoo!! That is compared to 11 minutes, 43 seconds back on 1/31. Not too shabby. I'm learning to push myself harder. I did the body fat testing I was mentioning in my last post. It was interesting I guess. It was a giant bath tub basically with a scale of some sort built in to it. The guy had me go under water and breathe out all the air I could as quickly as I could and then once the scale stopped moving he would tap on the side to tell me I could come up. He would do this until we had 2 consistent readings. It was harder that I thought to expel all the air in my lungs under water and get a consistent reading. In the end he showed my body fat at 50.6 lbs and 32.1%. This is supposed to be the "gold standard" of body fat testing, but comparing it to the numbers from my doctor office's "less accurate" method, they are not that much different. On 1/31 my doctor's office showed me at 54.51 lbs if fat and 33.7%. I think in the future I'm okay sticking with my doctor's method of measuring rather than paying the almost $50 for the test that is supposed to be more accurate. If the #s are that close, a little margin of error is okay with me. On to other news - hubby and I went to the comedy club last night to see Pauly Shore. It was fun to get out and have a date night and the comedy wasn't too bad although I think I enjoyed it more than hubby. It was nice to get all dressed up in my dress and boots and feel girly! Also went shopping and bought some cute new outfits the other day. I'll need to model them and take some pictures still. I'm excited about dinner tonight - I am cooking chicken thighs in the slow cooker with a mix of peanut butter and salsa for a Thai flavor. I hope they taste as good as they smell!

Friday, February 10, 2012

1 year bandiversary

Yesterday (2/9) was my one year bandiversary!! Yay. I went shopping today to celebrate. I bought some cute shirts. My band tightness that had me a little worried after my most recent fill has settled down and I'm comfortable.  Quite possibly in the green zone. Only trouble is with breakfast but I'm figuring it out. I'm down to 157 lbs. I hit 156 for a few days when I was struggling with not eating much.
Tomorrow as another celebration for my one year I'm getting tanked - mobile body fat testing.  I'll share the results tomorrow.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Slooooooow down!!

Well, my newest fill will help me remember to slow it down when I'm eating. HOLY COW!! It took me 20 minutes to get through a string cheese and yes I was full. Yesterday was first day back on foods after the adjustment and even today with my yogurt for breakfast I'm having to remember to take it slow! It's not a getting stuck feeling if I go to fast it just feels like I get an upset tummy if I go to fast. Same thing if I try to drink too much water too fast. I guess right before this fill I was getting to where I would eat a little to fast or I could chug water faster that I should and now it's a reminder not to do that. I made a delicious white bean chicken chili with green chiles for dinner last night - YUMMMM!! I'm taking leftovers for lunch and we'll have it again tonight for dinner too. After this I am heading to the gym for some cardio - I'm going to do a 1 mile timed run and then work on some speed work. My trainer and I really want to work on increasing my mile time. It's been around 12 minutes 30 seconds so we're looking for some improvement.