Friday, February 3, 2012

Slooooooow down!!

Well, my newest fill will help me remember to slow it down when I'm eating. HOLY COW!! It took me 20 minutes to get through a string cheese and yes I was full. Yesterday was first day back on foods after the adjustment and even today with my yogurt for breakfast I'm having to remember to take it slow! It's not a getting stuck feeling if I go to fast it just feels like I get an upset tummy if I go to fast. Same thing if I try to drink too much water too fast. I guess right before this fill I was getting to where I would eat a little to fast or I could chug water faster that I should and now it's a reminder not to do that. I made a delicious white bean chicken chili with green chiles for dinner last night - YUMMMM!! I'm taking leftovers for lunch and we'll have it again tonight for dinner too. After this I am heading to the gym for some cardio - I'm going to do a 1 mile timed run and then work on some speed work. My trainer and I really want to work on increasing my mile time. It's been around 12 minutes 30 seconds so we're looking for some improvement.

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