Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Hmmmm.. Can I think of 10 things to say!?? LOL 1) I'm working 60 hours a week right now, it's crazy. Luckily, I took a few hours off today to rest and relax a little. It's basically open to close Monday thru Saturday with Sunday being my only guaranteed day off. 2) My weight is holding steady and has been for many months. I can eat what I want but in reasonable quantities. I guess this is maintenance, but I still want to drop another 10-15 lbs. My trainer and I discussed that I need to "clean" up my eating if I want to get there. 3) I had a fabulous 2 mile run today, followed by an hour of strength training with my trainer and then a visit to my Chiropractor. He's awesome and now I feel great. Last week I was having some major back pain, went to see him and he confirmed my hips were out of alignment. Between last week's adjustment and today I'm feeling much much better! I think he works miracles! ;) 4) We bought a hammock a few weeks ago and I'm loving relaxing in it with a good book when the weather permits! 5) My trainer, who is AWESOME also sells Rodan and Fields, a great skincare line by the doctors that created Proactiv. She turned me on to their soothe line, which is great for my sensitive skin! If anyone wants more information, let me know and I can get you in contact with her!! 6) I went to see Magic Mike last week. I went alone. LOL There were 5 people total in the theater! haha It was a fun movie to see, even if I was alone! 7) I've gone crazy with painting my nails and buying new polish colors, totally hooked on Essie!! 8) I also bought new boots for work. Cute ankle high boots with a 2 inch heel. A little tight since they didn't have wide width, but I think they will work! 9) Looking forward to seeing my friend from Texas when she comes out to Seattle in August to participate with me in the Danskin Tri. 10) 30 days left until my Danskin Triathlon!!!!!!