Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm here

Hello everyone! Things have been crazy around here so I have not has as much time to blog as I would like. I'm working quite a bit between two branches. Hubby and I have lost all track of time now that the process is started for buying the house. Our offer was accepted, we are moving along quite nicely on the process and will close in June! then we'll have to start work - new floors, a fence, ceiling fans, the closets need some work. And of course, packing!! Oh my gosh how I HATE moving!!

Weight loss is going soooo slooooow... I guess this is norming for being 3-4 months out. I'm not yet at my sweet spot. i can tell my current fill helps keep me from getting hungry between meals, but I can eat anything I want. Although, I have avoided eating most breads and all pasta and rice. That's a plus. I went a little overboard at happy hour the other day - it's been my first real social event. I've gone out with hubby or with a friend, but not a group since surgery until of course Saturday. I ordered the guacamole at Cheescake factory.. I was not real hungry and I didn't want anything that could cause issues, so I stuck with something "safe"... hahaha not so safe, I ate WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tooo much and then followed with a banana creme cheesecake slice.. To die for! So good. I did not finish it all though - i stopped like a good girl. And then tried to feed it to the others! hahahahaha

I'm getting really bored with breakfasts though. What do you guys eat typically for breakfast? For awhile I was doing really well with scrambled eggs or hardboiled eggs, but that got BORING. SO I switched to Peanut Butter on graham crackers. Not very healthy though, but I need something fast. I'm up at 4:30 to walk the dog, by 5:15 or 5:30 I'm eating breakfast and by 6 I'm at the gym for an hour workout. I don't do well with anything heavy before working out and protein shakes don't sit well with me before a workout either.

I've thought about yogurt with fruit and granola, but that's normally my post workout snack... Although, I may switch it to breakfast and just do a protein bar for post workout. I've also been enjoying the lunchables cracker combos - the more adult version of a lunchable I guess. It comes with flatbread crackers, chicken or turkey and cream cheese spread. All around 270 calories. for the turkey or chicken. There's another one with roast beef and ham, regular cheese and crackers that's around 360 cals I think. They are pretty nice for a grab and go snack and it keeps me full for so long!

Anyone have any GREAT breakfast ideas though? I also eat leftovers for breakfast sometimes, so I'm not opposed to foods that are not normally "breakfast."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The scale sure is moving slow.... :( I go back for fill #3 on June 7th, so maybe that will help. I've noticed I don't get particularly hungry between meals, but 1/2c just does not fill me up like the doc wants it to... last night i ate closer to 1 c of chili and then a slice of chocolate ganache. YUM. Hit my calories for the day though, so that was really good! yay!

I'm helping at work at another location, so my drive is a further away than normal, but I get off an hour earlier, so it is kind of nice, but it sure makes me tired! All the stress of that and buying a house. whhew.

I did however find a calcium supplement I like!! Vitafusion calcium is delicious! My doc really wants me to take calcium citrate, but the supplements i tried, I did not really like, so i figured as long as I am taking something, it is a lot better than not taking the one he wants me to take!

Thats all for now. I have a very long day ahead of me. see you later!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a week!

Well this week is turning out to be an interesting one!

First off, over the weekend, I worked part of Saturday and then hubby and I went house hunting again. Found another ADORABLE house! We're making an offer! yay!! But, the best part of Saturday was after a day of work and then house hunting, hubby and I decided to go to a little hike/walk. We used to go do this exact hike/walk maybe twice a month last spring/summer. I ALWAYS complained. I hated it, I would find every reason to not want to go, but in the end I always went. It's a beautiful place, but just so dang tough on my lungs! ugh!! So, we went this past weekend. It was tough, but all of a sudden just when I was pointing out to hubbs that this hike is always tough on his legs but he can breathe and my legs can handle the hike, but my poor lungs are on fire I realized HELLO, we were at the top of the hill and done. Well, that was amazing. I felt so proud. Sure, it was tough, my lungs burned a little, but I thought we still had one more turn and big hill to go! That was a fantastic feeling.

So, made an offer on another house, because the first house we did an offer on was rejected. Boohoo!

And this week at work, I found out some exciting news. I'm going to another branch to help them out! I'm working on getting promoted and this will be a great opportunity for me. My husband calls it a promotion project! Woot Woot!!! :) :) :)

On the band front - I'm doing fine with fill #2. I can already tell though that I will need fill #3 in June. I have my restriction - some days I don't even feel hungry and my 1/2 c serving for sure fills me up, but I'm still noticing that I'm not always as careful as I should be and I'm not always taking my time. No major issues with that yet, (thank goodness, I really don't want to PB) however I'm worried that I am not being careful enough! So, gotta work on that! Went out to dinner last night and had an awesome chicken marsala, it was even better this morning reheated for breakfast! hahahahahah

I skipped my workouts both Monday and Tuesday, but i was at the gym today and will be back there tomorrow, friday and saturday. Go me! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Will post more soon but Tuesday I had fill #2 - 1 cc... Man I can tell! It's a good thing though! Spent my 2 days on liquids, then moved back to solids. yay! I stepped on the scale this morning to see 196!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I get to join the ranks of many of you other fantastic bandsters in ONDERlAND!!! I stepped on the scale and it said 199!!!! About 15 minutes later I stepped on again to show off to hubby and it said 198.. LOL I'll take it either way! Yay!!! I'm officially less than 200 lbs!! So happy!!