Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm here

Hello everyone! Things have been crazy around here so I have not has as much time to blog as I would like. I'm working quite a bit between two branches. Hubby and I have lost all track of time now that the process is started for buying the house. Our offer was accepted, we are moving along quite nicely on the process and will close in June! then we'll have to start work - new floors, a fence, ceiling fans, the closets need some work. And of course, packing!! Oh my gosh how I HATE moving!!

Weight loss is going soooo slooooow... I guess this is norming for being 3-4 months out. I'm not yet at my sweet spot. i can tell my current fill helps keep me from getting hungry between meals, but I can eat anything I want. Although, I have avoided eating most breads and all pasta and rice. That's a plus. I went a little overboard at happy hour the other day - it's been my first real social event. I've gone out with hubby or with a friend, but not a group since surgery until of course Saturday. I ordered the guacamole at Cheescake factory.. I was not real hungry and I didn't want anything that could cause issues, so I stuck with something "safe"... hahaha not so safe, I ate WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tooo much and then followed with a banana creme cheesecake slice.. To die for! So good. I did not finish it all though - i stopped like a good girl. And then tried to feed it to the others! hahahahaha

I'm getting really bored with breakfasts though. What do you guys eat typically for breakfast? For awhile I was doing really well with scrambled eggs or hardboiled eggs, but that got BORING. SO I switched to Peanut Butter on graham crackers. Not very healthy though, but I need something fast. I'm up at 4:30 to walk the dog, by 5:15 or 5:30 I'm eating breakfast and by 6 I'm at the gym for an hour workout. I don't do well with anything heavy before working out and protein shakes don't sit well with me before a workout either.

I've thought about yogurt with fruit and granola, but that's normally my post workout snack... Although, I may switch it to breakfast and just do a protein bar for post workout. I've also been enjoying the lunchables cracker combos - the more adult version of a lunchable I guess. It comes with flatbread crackers, chicken or turkey and cream cheese spread. All around 270 calories. for the turkey or chicken. There's another one with roast beef and ham, regular cheese and crackers that's around 360 cals I think. They are pretty nice for a grab and go snack and it keeps me full for so long!

Anyone have any GREAT breakfast ideas though? I also eat leftovers for breakfast sometimes, so I'm not opposed to foods that are not normally "breakfast."

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Beth Ann said...

If you come up with some great breakfast ideas, let me know! I get bored too.

I love those little egg cups you can bake and then heat up throughout the week, but I'm usually to lazy or busy on Sundays to make them. Lately I have been eating a granola bar. Today I ate Just the Cheese crunch cheese snacks. I need to shake things up for sure!