Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another adjustment

Went in to see my doc since I've been getting hungry every 2 hours and eating crazy amounts of food! LOL it's not been too bad - i am down 4 pounds since my last visit a mere 4 weeks ago. That's good, she was very very happy with my progress. They gave me a .5 cc fill since the last one was only .25 and did nothing for me. we'll see how this one goes. i'm still sore my from workout yesterday with my trainer but tomorrow is a new day. Fluids today and tomorrow and then looking forward to the pot of chili I'll make on Friday. that seems to be my new tradition. I make a pot of chili after I have an adjustment. Go figure. I guess it's my comfort food that I know won't give me troubles. Well, hope everyone is doing well!


Sarah G said...

Adjustments are good! Hope you hit your green zone soon!

SUchipmunk said...

thanks! i thought I was close to my green zone back in July, but then I had a very stressful August and September. Here's hoping it happens! :)