Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ugh! I have been hungry all day!! I woke up early, since I had to open at work today. I had my normal breakfast, just much much earlier than normal. Rode my bike to work. Had a snack, earlier than I would normally, to make up for the early breakfast. Lunch of course was earlier too. About an hour after lunch, during the time I would normally eat my lunch, I was hungry! UGH! I tried drinking water. I tried doing other stuff at work to take my mind off of it, nope, still hungry. So I gave it and ate half of my afternoon snack. I wanted to save the other half until a little closer to my workout so I wouldn't be hungry while I was working out. That seemed to help and then I had some protein when I got home from working out, but goodness, days like this make it so hard! I'm still within my calorie range, but I'm still hungry.. ugh! Tomorrow my trainer wants to me rest, so I might even take the car to work instead of riding. My knees are starting to hurt a little. We'll see though, if hubby needs the car, then I'll ride my bike.

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