Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I always seem to find motivation in the strangest ways! Hubby buying me a new bike has given me such a new sense of what I need to be doing and the strength to do it! It motivates me know I get to ride my cool new bike and that the more weight I lose, the easier it is! Not to mention, the game I've been wanting for my Wii, Mario Kart, I can buy when I hit 170! super excited!!
So today I slept in a little. I have the day off. When I finally got up, I took the dog out for a walk, and then hopped on my bike to go to the gym to work out with my trainer! As usual my "torture" sessions are awesome!! We focused on core, legs, and shoulders today. We are doing 3 days in a row this week, thanks to my work schedule. It'll be good though!
I have all my food planned out. Breakfast was Cheerios, milk, apple juice and a banana. My post workout snack - muscle milk protein shake. Lunch is a lean cuisine and some strawberries. Afternoon snack - most likely a 100cal pack of popcorn - been craving it! Dinner - hubby grilled burgers, so it's leftovers. they are 90-10, so nice and lean and we'll have a salad. That should put me at my calories for the day, maybe a little under. I have a few back up snacks if I am still hungr - string cheese, carrots, a granola bar or maybe a treat - hubby bought some cranberry walnut cookies. :) But I have to be good if I want a treat!
After my workout, I swung by the grocery store for some more strawberries and then rode my bike to the vet to pick up some meds for Tippie. It was out of the way, but hey that's extra cardio! :)
I'm feeling good.

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Mama Bear June said...

Awesome! Getting a new bike is definitely fun. Keep making healthy choices!
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