Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am making success again! Down to 176 after a short period of hitting 180 again and being stuck there. That sucked! Hubby went out though and bought me a new bike! It's great!! I'm riding it the 4+ miles to the gym in the mornings, working out and then finishing the ride to work. In the evenings of course, I ride it home. What a great addition to my workout! I'm hitting 1000 calorie deficit days easy.
This morning, we went jogging. We did a 5k around town lake! I love it!! The first weekend in May I'm planning to run the Schlotsky's Bun Run! Yay!! It'll be my second race. The first one having been the Komen Race for the Cure. I'm excited.
Not to mention, I've been using Arbonne products for ages now and not really doing the business, but mainly signed up as a consultant for the discount. I am thinking about actually doing the business though! Yay!! so if you are interested in hearing about the products, let me know! :)

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