Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whhhew what a day!

Today was a long day.  Hubby and I got up and I made a delish frittata for breakfast - shallots,mushrooms, and canadian bacon!   I ate a small slice and had some diced peaches.  Hubby had pancakes and then off to starbucks to meet the real estate agent.  I had a tea latte.   We drove around and saw a few houses, stopped for a bathroom break and I grabbed a banana.  We looked at some more houses and then headed home to pick u the dog and take her to the park.  After that we ran to the store to grab groceries and I realized I had not had any protein at my snack earlier.  I was starting to feel hungry but couldn't think of what to get so I grabbed a low fat chocolate milk. yum!!   Came home to unload groceries and wash the laundry and the dog! LOL  Now waiting for dinner, but I've realized I have not really ate much today.   I feel okay, but honestly, I am sure my body would be happier with more food. oh well, dinner will be nice and tomorrow I have my meals all planned out again!  yay!!!  


Beth Ann said...

I eat SO much better when I plan it out. :) I'm just not one of those folks that has the perfect menu on the fly.

Fluffy said...

Hi! I love the title of your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine so that I could find yours. Congratulations on your great progress so far! I look forward to keeping up with your journey. Knocking the door on "onderland"! YAY!

Anonymous said...

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