Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's my day off!!

As much as I love my days off, I sometimes hate them too. Why? Because I'm hungry! LOL I don't get that hungry at work because I'm busy and such, but at home, having a nice relaxing day, all I can think about is the food in the house! So not fair really. I slept in this morning, yay! Then I went to work out with my trainer. She kicked my butt, but it was a great legs workout! GO me! Then tomorrow we'll meet again and then on Friday she's doing a spin class with me! I love it, she is awesome and encouraging!!! What else today though. I've been playing on my Wii. My Glee Karaoke 2 came in last night and I've been singing today! I love it. Then I gotta go get hubby from work and drop him off at his doctor's appointment, then come back this way to take the dog to the vet for her shots, then go back pick up hubby and drop him back at work, drop the dog at home and go meet up with the real estate agent. Busy day, maybe by then I'll stop being hungry, but sitting around singing and playing on the computer, I'm starving! ugh! It's almost lunch time!! yay!!!!


Beth Ann said...

OMG, I'm totally the same way! When I'm at home on the weekends, ALL I want to do is snack!

SUchipmunk said...

so glad to know i am not alone!