Sunday, July 10, 2011

Make the pain go away!!

Happy Sunday everyone!! So, painting at the new house is almost done- just a few touch up spots left. The new floors are almost finished being installed and then I'll have my friend's husband come out and install my baseboards for us. Yay!!
The poor dog is stressing out - I don't think she likes this and we have not yet even started packing. The fence guy will be out this week and movers to give me an estimate. We were going to move everything but the heavy stuff by ourselves, but we have decided we will do the packing and let someone else do the lifting! yay!!!

I am also thinking of hiring someone to do the move out cleaning for me so I don't have to deal with it.

So as for the title of my post - the pain.. please make it go away. On Monday I started having a weird pain right above my pelvic bone on my left side. first it hurt but I didn't think anything of it, until the pain started hurting a lot more. then i started to freak because that is the side my port is on but my port is much higher. then on wednesday I thought the pain was getting better. Thursday proved me wrong as it was much worse. everytime I took a step it hurt!! when I was sitting though I was fine. So, decided to go to my primary care doc. she did an exam and came to the conclusion that I'm not pregnant, LOL, and that it is not a bladder/kidney infection. She sent me for blood work and will call me on Monday with those results. She thinks I either pulled some random, deep ab muscle or it's an ovarian cyst. Booo!

So, weight dropped to 184!! yay!!! I know I would do better if I didn't let the stress get to me! I have not been doing horrible, but I have not been packing my lunch or snacks either, so that makes huge difference! I will try to do better this week!!

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