Thursday, December 1, 2011

Better, better better

After getting over my cold and then the weird nausea issue, I'm better!!!! Worked out with my trainer on Monday - it was a heavy lifting day for legs and then on Wednesday another heavy lifting day, but this time upper body. We also did measurements! I had set a goal at the beginning of the month that I would hit 163 and I did, barely, but I did!! Yay!! For December my trainer and I will focus on cardio - specifically improving my running time. I did a baseline run today - 3 miles on the treadmill at 1% incline - I completed it in just under 45 minutes. Average speed 4.0 mph. I started off walking for my warm up at a 3, then 3.5, finished that mile off running at 4. Mile 2 I kicked up to 5.0, however only made it .8 of a mile before slowing back down and finishing that mile at 4. I stayed at 4.0 for almost all of mile 3 but the last quarter of a mile I kicked it up to 4.5 So happy, then I did some stretching and tomorrow is spin class. Super excited! It was a stressful day today but running this morning helped me keep it somewhat under control, I definitely feel better that I ran!

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