Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five fingers

Check it out! I tried these Vibrant five fingers shoes at REI today.  Pretty cool. I bought them, but not these pretty blue ones. I got pink/black ones. :) wore them about 15 minutes in REI and my legs are already sore. I think I will try wearing them around the house while I cook in the evening to get used to them.

In other news - I officially was offered the branch manager position at the branch I wanted! Yay!

Weight loss has stalled.  No making excuses - its all me.... I have not been eating well or healthy. I don't need a fill but I do need to get back eating better.

Working out about 4 days a week sometimes 5 so I'm doing okay in that area. I think I want to try SkyRobics sometime.  Its an aerobics class on trampolines!  Could be fun!!


Lap Band Gal said...

Cute shoes!!

Sam said...

They look very cute :o)