Saturday, August 13, 2011

38 minutes, 53 seconds

It's been a LOOONG time since I have blogged. Sorry all. I am still here, but with the move things were crazy for awhile. The computer was not hooked up for weeks so my only connection was my cell phone which is okay for some things but not great for blogging.
Any way. We are moved in to the new house,yay!! Still have a little unpacking to do like finish the office and my craft room, but other than that, it's just projects projects projects. Clean the gutters, stain the deck, etc.
I'm working on my promotion at work, yay, I've been invited to apply for the management training program. I'm currently an assistant manager working to become a branch manager, woo hoo!! So within the next week I should get the official I'm in word! yay!!! Fingers crossed!!!
Now on to the great news - I ran my first 5k in over 2 years. Last 5 k I ran was before hubby and I moved to WA. I rocked it! I set a goal of finishing in less than 40 minutes and I did!! 38 minutes, 53 seconds! Heck yeah!!! Although, hubby was a little concerned, my HR monitor shows me hitting max heart rate... he didn't like that, but it was at the end when I gave it the last finish strong push. I'm feeling pretty good. it was hard to figure out how to balance eating and drinking this morning in prep for the run and after the run. I still do not drink liquids 30 minutes before or after a meal as my DR suggested so I woke up so that I had 15 minutes to drink liquids, wait 30, eat a high protein breakfast and then I waited 30 more before drinking more protein and letting that settle before the run. They only had one water stop so when I finished the run I drank more water and ended up drinking some juice and tea as I didn't bring any protein shakes with me for after. Then after feeling hydrated, I was 30 minutes and hubby and I went out to lunch. Overall it was a great run and day, but it took more careful planning than it did before surgery. So happy I did this!!! I have run two 5ks in the past, one in October 2008 and finished somewhere around 38 minutes and then in May 2009 was my last one finished in 33 minutes, so that's why I figured on less than 40 for this one!

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Sarah G said...

Congrats on the house and management training program!

Great time on your 5k! Woo hoo!