Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vicious Cycle

When I'm stressed, working out relives my stress. When I work out regularly, in the mornings, my stress levels all day are lower. However, why the heck is it so dang hard to make myself work out when I'm stressed? I know the positive reasons, I know I feel better, as a matter of fact, I usually feel great, but no but butt still stays in bed. Blah!!! For example, last week, my trainer and I were discussing that I need to get in 5 days of activity, ideally the two days of strength training with her, two additional days in the gym of cardio and then my one weekend day of outdoors cardio. So, no problem, I did my two days with her, check! Was majorly stressed though so ended up slacking the rest of the week, especially since my days with her were early in the week and then she was out of town. Booo... I did get some redemption of getting outside for cardio two days but still that means I only hit 4 days. Not bad, but not great. So, skip to this week - normally my trainer and I would meet on Monday, but she was still out of town. Knowing I was going to be stressed out on Monday, I slept in... Okay, so I got off work early, feeling guilty from sleeping in I took the dog for a walk in the evening. Normally, I walk the dog in the AM and hubby takes the PM shift. Okay, it was movement, not really cardio but something. So, I told myself, I have GOT TO wake up Tuesday and get my booty to the gym and get in my cardio day if I am going to hit my 5 days - Tuesday: Cardio, Wednesday: Strength with Trainer, Thursday : Strength with trainer, Friday:Spin, Saturday OR Sunday : hike... Sooo this morning, set my alarm to go to the gym.... woke up before the alarm went off, fed the dog, and changed the alarm and crawled back in to bed. WHY!?!?!?!?! I knew it was going to be another stressful day and I "deserved" to sleep in.. No excuses... Working out would have made me feel better. I did convince myself to redeem that mistake in the afternoon when I got off work early again. I did end up at the gym for some running and man, it felt GREAT!!! But I still just don't understand why it is when I'm stressed I have such difficulty making myself go work out when I know how good I will feel afterwards.... In other news - I'm down to 165 lbs, which is 77 lbs lost and I was able to fit in to a size 10 for my work pants!!

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