Thursday, August 22, 2013

updates - 29 weeks

I'm 29 weeks today and tomorrow is my birthday! :) I had my check in with the OB today - she said the baby is measuring where he should be and his heart beat was nice and strong, though he kept moving around on us today. He was an active little guy. Funny thing is usually I have a hard time feeling him move or kick, but not today! The only bad news from my visit was that I am slightly anemic and need to take iron supplements and I failed my one-hour glucose test and will need to go in for the three hour test. Oh joy............. On the anemia issue - I'm waiting to hear back from my lap-band doc. My ob is suggesting a slow release iron supplement, but she wants me to make sure it's safe with the lap-band since it's not going to dissolve as easily/quickly as other pills. I looked at the size of the pill and considering I don't have much fluid in my band, I should be okay to swallow it, but I'll wait to make sure. On the glucose test - yuck! I'm disappointed, but not surprised at the results. When I was younger and heavier, I have some issues with glucose intolerance. In my teens I had to take a 3 hour glucose test because they thought I might be diabetic, but my fasting numbers were always fine. Even then, at the three hour, I would fail the one hour but my 2 and three hour results were within the normal range, so we shall see what happens now. It is disappointing but I also know it's not the end of the world. I go in next Friday to take the three hour test. Not looking forward to it, but at least since I've become pregnant, it's much easier for them to draw my blood! Other than that, not much else is happening here. I've just been working and getting ready for baby.

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