Friday, September 6, 2013

I passed

Woo Hoo!!! I pass my glucose tolerance test! Wheeew. This is a relief. I had one high reading at the three hour mark so my doc still wants me to be aware of my sweets and carbs, but I can handle that. With my band in place, even without fluid, I still don't have carbonated beverages, pasta or rice, however, I do sometimes have bread or bread type products. It's the one thing I missed when I had fluid in my band! Oh well, I'm sure after the baby comes and when I eventually have fluid added back I'll say good bye to bread again. It's a trigger food for me anyway. Now I'm just waiting on my lap band doc to get back the results of my nutritional labs. Since being pregnant, she's had me going in for nut labs every 3 months. The first time we discovered I was low on Vit d, then we discovered Vit a and magnesium. My ob discovered low iron, so I'm curious what this round will find or if all the extra supplements are helping. I'm now taking my pre-natals, calcium, b12, vit d, magnesium, and iron daily and vit a once a week. I'm not sure I really want to add anything more to the list. In other news, I'm 31 weeks, so only 9 more +/- 2 to go! We have the crib put together and my rocking chair assembled. Still waiting on the dresser/changing table. My shower is coming up in about 2 weeks and then after that hubby and I will go shopping for everything else we need. We figured this approach would work well for us. We do already have the pack n play and car seat/stroller set thanks to my mom also. So far everything we have is cause she bought it; she's really excited I'm finally having a baby!! I've been on vacation the last week and have spent it mostly lounging around the house - with the exception of my workouts, visiting daycare centers and meeting baby's future pediatrician. I also made a quick run to the mall to buy some make up - I LOVE Bare Minerals!! Oh and I cut my hair and colored it - my roots were desperately showing!

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FitBy40 said...

So glad the sugar is under control.
Wow, it seems like (for me) this pregnancy is flying by! I can't believe how far along you are already!
No pregnancy pictures for us?
Enjoy the baby shower, they're so fun!