Sunday, March 13, 2011

Been Busy

Sorry I have not been blogging or commenting much.  My work schedule is kind of hectic, leaving me not much down time.  The past week have gone well.  I started back at the gym working out with my trainer!  So far, so good.  Still can't lift much or do abs workouts cause the doctor told me to avoid that for 6 weeks.  I see him a week from tomorrow for my first fill, so I will check with him again and see where I am for adding more back in to my work outs.  As far as seeing him for my first fill, I'm excited for that.  I'm doing okay with eating.  I can easily eat my 6  meals a day of 1/2 c each meal.  I do get hungry between sometimes, but nothing to terribly hard.  I'm not snacking or anything else in between, so we're okay on that.  This past week I only lost 1 lb...  :(  that made me sad, but realistically, I know that's what happens at this point.  I'm 32 days out from surgery, so hopefully my fill will help.
I'm terribly bored with chicken and beans for lunch, so I'm doing taco seasoned ground beef and refried beans for lunch this week to switch things up a little and ooooh I'm going to try beef stew tonight.  I was told to stick with ground meats, chicken and pork until I was comfy enough to try adding others in.  I think since the meat will me so moist and tender it should be okay.  Fingers crossed!!
In other news, hubby and I are looking at houses!  yay!!  We got pre-approved today and going to reach out to the Realtor and see what we can find!

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Beth Ann said...

Mmmm...taco meat and beans. Delish! Good luck house hunting!!