Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Much needed day off

After 2 weeks of working 8-7:30 mon - fri and 8-430 on Saturdays, I had today off.  It has been so great to lounge around doing mostly nothing.  The dog woke me up at 4 am though.  Ugh!  It's our normal wake up time and she decided I should wake up that early and feed her even if I was off.  Went back to sleep until about 7 then I got up to play on the computer for a bit and had a delicious frittata for breakfast.  it's leftover from the one I made on sunday.  not the best reheated item, but it's okay.  Then I had to take hubby to get his appointment and then I dropped him at work and the car at the mechanic.  While the mechanic had my car, I walked over to the gym for a workout!  Woo hoo!!  I did 30 minutes on my own, walking for 4 minutes and jogging for 1.  it was a nice interval, but I think next time I'll do 3 minutes walk, 2 jog.  I'm still doing a slow jog as not to overdo it yet, but I handled it well I think.  After that, I headed home on the bus to change out of my workout clothes and headed back to hubby's work to have lunch with him.  Their cafeteria is very nice, although I was a bit worried if they would have anything for me to eat.  I had a delicious grilled chicken breast, some potatoes, a bite or two of roasted beats and a small bit of avocado on my chicken.  it was yummy!  Then I headed back home and caught up on my Glee episodes I've missed the past 2 weeks!  I LOOOOVE GLEE!  :)  Now I just have to wait for hubby to pick the car up from the mechanic and we are making some chicken thighs for dinner!  Yuuum!!  What a nice relaxing day and I needed it!  Tomorrow, thursday and Friday I work the 8-730 shifts again.  booo but at least I'm off this Saturday so I'll have a real weekend!  yay!!!  

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Beth Ann said...

That's A LOT of working, chica! Glad you got a break. :)