Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allergic Reaction

Fun stuff.  So I've been very itchy on my right side.  It's just kind of a splotchy looking rash.  It seems to be okay one day and the next really itchy.  So this morning I gave it and just decided to call my primary care doc to see if she could squeeze me in today.  Sure enough they said c'mon in, we got space.  So I headed over there.  I have not seen her since my annual physical in early January.  She was quite impressed with my weight loss already and was curious when I had the surgery, so we talked about that, she was very happy.  Anyway, it seems I am having an allergic reaction to something, but what we don't know.  She gave me a cream to rub on it and told me if I needed to take benadryl I could look for Children's Liquid bendryl so I wouldn't have to worry about crushing the pills.  So we'll see how I do with the the cream, but I would have never thought of using a children's version of something to get it in liquid!


nikki said...

Isn't it such an amazing feeling when people notice your loss so early on? I'm so glad she noticed! Hope the itchy goes away and soon! :)

Rahshell said...

Yup, I was Rx'd Children's Motrin for post op, worked fantastically but the military hospital only carried orange flavored, that was GROSS!! In an allergic reaction I find that liquid benadryl works so much faster :)
I'm a newbie too, Jan 28. Doc advanced my diet so I've been on foods for about 2 weeks. He really told me to add to my diet at my discretion, no wonder my weight held for a week LOL