Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day one - POST OP

Had my surgery yesterday.  Everything seems to have gone well during surgery.  My check in time was at  6 am.  They took me back for pre-op at about 7:20, hubby said they started my surgery at almost 8.  I remember waking up in recovery with my anesthesiologist  and the nurses.  They were very nice.  I remember staying there for a while so they could monitor me and then they moved me up to the next level of recovery where my hubby could come in and join me. At this point I was told that as soon as I could comfortably walk up and down the halls, drink 8 ounces of liquid, have manageable pain and nausea and use the restroom I could go home.  Yay!   Things were looking up for me to get home soon.  Until I couldn't use the restroom. Seriously, I couldn't pee....  Hours went by and finally I went, a little....  The said no, you gotta give us more than that.  They brought in a bladder ultrasound and said I still had 256ml in my bladder.  great.  another hour went by before I could get any more out.  Finally they did a 2nd scan and said okay.  So at about 6pm I was able to leave.  The drive home made everything hurt!   Sleeping was fun..  I'm a side sleeper, which is good, but I can't stay on the same side all night, it makes my hip hurt. I tried sleeping on my left side and that was NOT going to happen.  My left side seems to be where everything hurts the most. I think thats where the port is.
Sitting up, sitting down, and walking too fast hurt.  I just did a 15 minute walk around the block.  Deep breaths hurt, but it's all manageable. It's like a really really tough workout!
I'm drinking lots of water and other liquids to stay hydrated.  It's a weird feeling when I drink a certain amount at one time I suddenly feel full.
So my stats were 242 when I started pre-op diet. Today I'm 230, so 12 lbs gone on pre-op!!!  Yay!!!  Let's see what happens now.

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