Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 13 Post Op

Well hello everyone!  Doing good here.  The soreness on my left side appears to be almost gone, yay!  Still there when I move certain ways, but it's nice not to feel it all the time.    I'm still on mushies, but doing okay with that.  At least mushies include scrambled eggs or hardboiled eggs chopped up really well, refried beans, applesauce, etc...  So I'm happy.  Friday I see my nutritionist and I'll get to start soft solids.  I'll admit, I'm a little bit afraid of starting soft solids, I'm afraid of getting stuck, but I know, slow down and really chew!  :)  
I need to go this week and get my hair cut and colored because I go back to work on Monday!  It's crazy, 2 1/2 weeks off I feel like I've missed so much!  I get back and 2 days later, I have to start training my newest employee.  then the following week another new employee starts.   At least I get a little bit of time in between the two.  That's kind of nice.  But then again, shortly after that, my boss goes on her 2 week vacation leaving me working all the hours.  There's only 2 managers, me and her.  There always has to be one of us there.  So when I'm gone like now, she's working open to close m-saturday and I'll have to do the same while she's gone.  I've done it before, it's not that bad, but it can be tiring.
I'm down to 220 lbs!  Yay!!  I'm also looking forward to starting back up with my trainer!  I have not seen her since the Monday before my surgery and I miss her!  She's awesome.  I'll start back up with her soon!  The doctor has cleared me to increase cardio but that's it so far.  Well, off to enjoy my last couple of days of having the house to my self all day and being off work.  Hubby is off Friday, Saturday, Sunday this week, so I gotta enjoy my peace and quiet while I got it!  :)


nikki said...

Hi! Congrats on your surgery and glad to hear your doing well. I saw you on the BOOBS board and wanted to say hi :)

Beth Ann said...

Glad things are going well. Getting back into a routine will make the time start flying by!