Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dog park and house hunting

So, dinner yesterday was yummy.  I took some chicken breasts and a jar of salsa and cooked them until I could easily shred the meat with 2 forks.  Hubby made his into tacos and I ate just the meat as is with some beans.  I can have "toast" but I was not sure yet about tortillas, so I decided to hold off....  Anyone have experience with tortillas?  Are corn tortillas better tolerated?  For now I'll avoid since it is so soon, but in the future I'll want one eventually!
So today we took Tippie to the dog park and of course it rained while we were there, of well, she had fun anyway.  I made sure to take a snack with me so I could have it because I knew we were going to drive and look at some houses, which we did.  Found a new neighborhood that looks nice, but maybe a little pricey especially since it would mean having to buy a 2nd car.  We'll see, we just started looking.  We spent a little too much time out and I started getting hungry again.  So we stopped at our fave Greek place.  I was looking at the menu and couldnt figure out what would be safe to eat that didn't have a ton of fresh veggies which are off limits right now or rice and pita, so finally, it dawned on me!  Hello!  They have lentil soup!  I know soups are not the best for us since they go right through, but with the cold and rain outside and no other easy choice that's what I got!  I don't know how much I ate, but it was delicious and I brought home left overs!  YUM!  Still trying to figure out dinner.  I'm using yesterday's leftovers for lunches at work, so I took out some ground beef.  Hubby was going to grill it into hamburger patties but the weather isn't going to allow that.  I'm thinking meatballs maybe, but I can't have pasta yet so not sure what I'll do with them.


Beth Ann said...

I definitely think corn tortillas work better than flour wise. Although, most often, I just ignore the tortilla altogether. I also eat soup quite a bit. I have found that hearty soups with lots of chunks, are a good choice for me and keep me full long enough. Creamy thin soups are delicious, but don't keep me full as long.

SUchipmunk said...

Thanks Beth Ann! I have a feeling I'll not miss tortillas after awhile anyway, but we'll see! :)