Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mushies, How I love thee!!

Oh how I never thought I would be so happy to be able to eat mushie foods!  So I gave mashed potatoes a try last night.  I handled it okay, but they turned out too salty for my taste.  It's okay, though, I'll survive.  Ran to the store this morning to grab a few more mushie supplies.  Got me some refried beans, applesauce, cottage cheese and a couple of soups I can puree for a thicker soup than I've been eating.  Yum!!  I was going to try some scrambled eggs this morning, cause they are on my list for this stage, but I'll be honest, I was scared.  I guess I'm scared for getting something stuck.....  I know, chew chew chew.  So instead of the eggs, I had cottage cheese.  That was a yummy change from yogurt!  Maybe tomorrow I'll have the courage to have eggs, but then again, tomorrow I have to wake up and go to my doctor visit, so who knows.  Also, I made a pitcher of decaf iced tea to sip on some.  I'm getting a little bored with water water water.


Beth Ann said...

Not sure how you feel about salsa, but I mix a little with my scrabled eggs to make them a little "wetter" and it helps to make sure they don't stick. I also like to eat them with refried beans. Maybe I have just lived in Texas too long! :)

SUchipmunk said...

Beth Ann, I LOVE salsa too. I like mine chunky though and I can't have the onions yet, but, maybe I'll try some hot sauce instead. You can never live in Texas too long!